Our Infrastructure
The POORNA PU COLLEGE campus is surrounded by trees, around the campus with pure residential living and serene atmosphere for effective learning with successful outcome of learning, well designed, equipped, sustained and built in facilities are provided in each of the spacious floors with water filters, classrooms are well ventilated for good and sufficient light and air. Every class room is provided with the state of the art infrastructure. Canteen provide clean and most hygienic varieties of food. Our mission to achieve excellence.
Our Laboratory
The POORNA PU COLLEGE has well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology students. All chemicals, specimens and instruments are in place & the students is encouraged to use these to further their knowledge of the subject by having a chance to experience the theory that is taught in class.The college not only offers personalized attention, but also ensures that every student gets access to modern lab equipments.The college has a very well equipped computer lab for computer science students with wifi facility.
Our Library
The POORNA PU COLLEGE library is spacious enough to accommodate hundreds of students at a time with an exhaustive collection of books,magazines, journals and newspapers which are issued against Library cards for reading in the library.
Our Faculty
The POORNA PU COLLEGE staff highly experienced and qualified professors,they act as bridge between student and their goals. We organizes interactive sessions to develop college in areas like academics, discipline, overall development of the students. This also facilitate us to find unique talent or remarkable attitude of the students.
Personalised Attention
The POORNA PU COLLEGE offer person-to-person communication and establishes an individual relationship with each of our students and their families. We focus integral formation with each student to develop a solid personality,intellectual,social and spiritual.this kind of attention allow us to meet their needs in an individual manner.
Parent & Student Counseling
Parents and Guardians are play a vital role in the lives of childrens. Parents only know their childrens than anyone else and are more likely to notice changes in mood or behavior that may be signs of distress. Parent suggestions helps us to reaching out to tackle students problems effectively.
Hostel facility
We recognize that a major concern of all the parents is quality accommodations. Therefore we have separate hostels for boys and girls. Each room furnished with individual beds. In mess we provide healthy and hygienic Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Dinner for students.
Bus Facility
The POORNA PU COLLEGE runs a well-managed fleet of buses that covers all major routes within the city to provide services between the college and the student’s residence. The buses run on all working days at different routes to availing the transport facility.
Group Study
Studying together in groups, students tend to learn faster and more efficiently than self-study. When you study in group, you do not have to boggle your mind to learn topic.Study groups are competitive and cooperative at the same time. Studying in groups helps to promote creativity and critical thinking.
Our college should act in the capacity of both an intellectual as well as a physical activities to develop healthy spirit of sportsmanship in students.We provides excellent facilities for indulging in sports and maintaining high physical fitness levels with outdoor sports to development of body, mind and soul.
Availability of Teachers
Our team of teachers are always available for students to focus students individually to tackle their problems, to enrich the students with the best practices in Education. Through their practical expertise in various academic endeavors, they augment and help the students to develop critical thinking and decision making skills.
Special Coaching Facilities
We also provide NEET/jEE(MAINS & ADVANCE)/K-CET coaching for students who are aspiring to secure Merit Seat for Engineering and Medical studies. The classes are engaged by highly experienced and qualified professors to develop Strong fundamental knowledge, speed ,accuracy ,different types of problem solving, Short cut tips, study materials in students.
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